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''Sheriff of Cochise'' Lynching Party (Drama, 1957)

Published 1957

An episode of the popular 1950's drama "Sheriff of Cochise". This first-run syndication series was about a Sheriff in Arizona. It was produced by Desilu and NTA (no, not "NRA" or "NBA"). In this episode, the Sheriff must protect a suspected murderer from an angry mob who will stop at nothing to kill him.

Run time 25 minutes 47 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White


Reviewer: richgoup - - May 8, 2011
Subject: Lynching Party (Sheriff of Cochise).
Season 1, episode 19.
Original air date: 1 February 1957.
Cast: John Bromfield (Sheriff Frank Morgan), Stan Jones (Deputy Harry Olson), James Best (Mike Norris), Gloria Talbott (Ann Brock), Emory Parnell (Carl Brock), Malcolm Atterbury (Ben Armitage), Jeanne Bates (Mrs. Canfield), James Seay (Rancher 1), Fred Graham (Rancher 2), Mark Williams (Dr. Greenwell) and Whitey Hughes (Barfly: uncredited).
From IMDB.
Reviewer: cosmicolada - - October 7, 2009
Subject: Good old show
Great cast featuring guest stars James Best, Gloria Talbott, and Malcolm Atterbury, in addition to series star James Bromfield. This series seems like many other 1950s half-hour westerns, except for having cars in place of horses! Great locations, and filmed rather than done live for a much better overall production style than many 50s tv shows.
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - October 7, 2009
Subject: I Uploaded This
An interesting example of 1950's TV. A lot better than "The Magic Clown" (which I also uploaded), to say the least. Good outdoor photography.
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